Cryptocurrency platform Somalia 2021

A cryptocurrency exchange is a virtual place where you can exchange virtual currencies or exchange them for fiat money;

Such exchanges feature advanced capabilities and offer investors the opportunity to make money;

The world's first digital currency, Bitcoin, appeared relatively recently, in 2009. It differs from classical finance in its anonymity, high execution of transactions, low transaction fees and a special mining algorithm. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the demand of users for special platforms - the best cryptocurrency exchanges - increased. On these resources, people could exchange one cryptocurrency for another or exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money. Miners mined cryptocurrencies and then transferred the mining through conversion to a special service.


Coinbase is a very large and popular exchange. It was established in 2012, just a few years after the emergence of bitcoin. This exchange is based in the US and works in strict compliance with all the established rules, which makes it reliable and trustworthy. They offer two different accounts - regular and professional.

Coinbase has fairly high commissions unless you use their professional account. This professional account also allows you to get more different charts and even some additional indicators that track subtle changes in the currency market. They do offer many different types of cryptocurrencies though, so there is plenty to choose from.

Coinbase is intuitive, so it is easy to learn, even for beginners. There are currently over 10 million customers using the platform.

  • 23 types of digital coins.
  • The rates charged for all operations under $200 are as follows: $ 0.99 - $ 2.99 - for operations from $ 0 to $ 200; for over $ 200, a fixed interest rate comes into play. Its size depends on the payment method.
  • Free mobile and online wallet. The advantage of this wallet is that transactions can be made off-blockchain.
  • You can pay funds that can be deposited and withdrawn using a bank card, transfer and a range of payment systems. SEPA transfers are available for EU residents.
  • Two-factor authentication. All website traffic is encrypted using the SSL cryptographic protocol.
    All wallets keys are protected by AES-256 encryption. Only 2% of her clients' cryptocurrency funds are stored online, and they are insured in case of loss.
  • Android and iOS app.


The exchange first went public in 2017. Being a fairly new company, however, it has managed to expand its portfolio significantly. The main advantage of this exchange is that it has deliberately focused on a large number of different cryptocurrencies. There are even some fiat currency options, but they are much more limited.

The number of currency pairs, the wide range of trading instruments and the trust of millions of users, which is especially important in the cryptocurrency market, all play in its favor. The variety of assets and lower commissions have made it more than competitive in the global market.

Users can make deposits using cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies that Binance allows. This is an often overlooked advantage that provides easier access for customers from all over the world. Perhaps the only real downside to this exchange is that it has a slightly more complicated scheme than some other exchanges and is probably best suited for those who have experience with similar cryptocurrency systems:

  • 740 different crypto and fiat pairs, including own token BNB.
  • Binance offers competitive trading fees (commissions): 0.1% on each side of the trade, or 0.075% if you are using your Binance tokens (BNB).
  • Trust Wallet mobile application.
  • Bank transfer, debit/credit cards, various P2P payment channels.
  • The exchange launched CryptoSafe Alliance (CSA). This initiative will bring together exchanges, blockchain protocols, cybersecurity experts, and regulatory compliance companies. It is the first comprehensive threat monitoring and protection tool in a decentralized data exchange environment.
  • A free app is available in Google Play Store or the App Store.


Kraken is one of the oldest exchanges in the industry, it is among the current leaders. It officially went public on July 28, 2011 in San Francisco, public beta testing began in May 2013, and by September the exchange was already open to the general trading public.

Kraken has managed to gain the trust of its users. No successful hacking attacks have been reported on the exchange.

After a relatively fast startup, the company has quickly grown to become one of the most popular exchanges in the European market. They have very good prices and offer a good mix of altcoins as well as fiat currencies to trade.

Kraken is a self-regulatory exchange, meaning that it develops its own security policies and operating rules. However, it is compliant with laws and regulations in many supported jurisdictions.

This is certainly a good exchange that has all the features you need for more advanced users. One noticeable drawback is that there are not many payment methods to fund your account. This can be overcome, but it is still a nuisance for some people:

  • 8 tokens are available for.
  • Transactions under 50,000 units of a particular currency are subject to a commission of 0.16% for the seller and 0.26% for the buyer. For sums over 50,000 units, commissions are reduced to 0.14% and 0.24% respectively.
  • No crypto wallet is offered on the site.
  • Crypto wallets and money transfers via bank transfer. Deposit/withdrawal via bank cards is not available.
  • The exchange offers users two-factor authentication, PGP encryption, and global settings lock, which prevents any account changes within a certain period of time.
  • Kraken Pro and Kraken Futures applications.


Bittrex Inc. was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA. Bittrex was founded by cyber security experts. Although Bittrex Inc. is a US-based company, it has recently expanded its operations and opened an international subsidiary.

The exchange is constantly being modified and updated, and Bittrex is establishing new partnerships.

It provides storage and transactions with over 200 tokens, the number of which is constantly growing. The exchange also works with euros and dollars and allows withdrawals to bank cards. Apart from this, the exchange has extensive security features and high-tech software to protect these online wallets and the platform itself:

  • 250+ trading pairs are available.
  • Topping up your euro account is available via SEPA credit transfer,international bank transfer,bank card. Fiat funds withdrawal is possible to a bank account using an international bank transfer, and for euros, a SEPA credit transfer is supported. The withdrawal commission depends on the chosen currency: in bitcoin, it is 0.0005 BTC, in Ethereum - 0.00600000 ETH.The site has a fixed trading fee of 0.25% of the total value of the order.
  • No crypto wallet.
  • Bank transfers, credit/debit cards.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA),IP check, which requires an email confirmation of entry from a new IP-address, IP whitelists, Cold storage for 80%-90% assets.
  • There are two apps for Android and iOS respectively: Bittrex Global and Bittrex.


BitMex launched in 2014 and has grown very quickly due to its attractive margin trading offerings. BitMex is the largest bitcoin trading platform, offering bitcoin futures with up to 100x leverage. This environment is probably best suited for more experienced traders.

BitMex offers open and futures contracts with various expiration dates. But all contracts are paid in bitcoin.

BitMex offers the highest market liquidity of any exchange. Extremely low trading costs and minimal deposit requirements. Ability to register within 30 seconds. The BitMex interface looks quite functional. The user can freely change the different widgets available according to his preferences. Overall, this exchange has become one of the most popular options, especially for margin trading:

  • 55 trading pairs.
  • BitMEX does not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals. When withdrawing BTC, a minimum Bitcoin Network commission is applied; commissions for takers are 0.075% of the total order value, while makers are paid an additional 0.025% for each trade.
  • Crypto BitMEX wallet.
  • Beyond virtual currencies, BitMEX does not accept any other deposits.
  • Funds are stored in cold wallets; Two-factor authentication; Registration via SMS notifications; Multi-signature wallets for transactions; Email communications are encrypted using PGP encryption.
  • BitMEX Mobile launched in September 2020.


Founded in late 2012, this exchange is one of the first exchanges. Initially, it was a peer-to-peer platform for BTC margin lending, but later other cryptocurrencies were made available, and Bitfinex evolved into an exchange. From the beginning, the platform was geared towards attracting US users. The exchange is now used worldwide.

One of the reasons for its success is its fairly simple interface. Despite its versatility, the exchange is quite simple to use. Combining this ease of use with a variety of features makes the exchange convenient for both experienced and novice traders. Users can customize the interface, create their own layouts of market information, change the colors of interface elements, etc. Both mobile and web versions of the site are handy:

  • Over 140 coins and 300 trading pairs.
  • No additional payments for deposits and withdrawals in digital coins. When you deposit USD, you will have to pay a commission of 0.1%, but not less than $ 20;Minimum fee for withdrawing fiat money is $ 60; With the minimum currency turnover per month, the trading fee is 0.1% for the maker and 0.2% for the taker.
  • Users are offered three wallets to choose from - Exchange Wallet, Margin Wallet, and Financing Wallet.
  • In addition to digital currencies, bank transfers and card withdrawals are available to users.
  • Only 0.5% of crypto assets are kept online to support daily transactions. The rest of the coins are kept in cold wallets out of the reach of hackers. For these wallets to become available, manual authorization of several members of the management team is required.


LocalBitcoins was launched in Finland in 2012. It is headquartered in Helsinki, the capital of Suomi. LocalBitcoins is a P2P exchange that buys bitcoins for offline fiat money, online electronic money and some altcoins. It is considered as a reliable platform for direct and decentralized exchange between trading parties. It allows you to buy bitcoin quickly through various convenient methods.

Citizens from over 200 countries work with this exchange, making it one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

There is no such thing as other exchanges. It does not use a common global exchange rate. Bidders decide for themselves at what price they want to sell or buy bitcoin and choose their exchange methods:

  • The service does not charge a commission from the buyer.  For sellers, there is a set commission of 1% on each sale.
  • Bank transfers, banking cards, electronic systems.
  • The security of the transaction is ensured by the escrow method, which has proven to be highly effective; User accounts are protected by two-factor authentication.


Poloniex is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, founded in 2014 by Tristan D'Agosta. At the time of this writing, the exchange has over 100 currency pairs and a daily turnover of over $13 million. Initially, the exchange focused on the US market, but its overall popularity and high trading volumes have attracted altcoin traders from all over the world.

It offers a large number of pairs so that experienced traders can create a large portfolio of their choice in a short time.

The interaction with the Poloniex exchange interface leaves only the best impressions. In addition, good liquidity and a large selection of forks are undeniable advantages. The Lending feature will not leave anyone indifferent to a small but stable passive income. But Poloniex is not without its drawbacks either, such as the lack of a mobile app and a cumbersome website:

  • 100+ currency pairs.
  • All deposits are allowed without any additional charges; The withdrawal fee is fixed, and it depends on the type of the currency; commissions are from 0 to 0.25%.Maker commission is from 0% to 0.15%; taker commission is from 0.1% to 0.25%. The higher is the volume of completed transactions in one month, the lower is the commission for all subsequently completed transactions.
  • Own Wallet.
  • Replenishment of an account with a bank card or withdrawal to a card are not available for users of some countries.
  • The administration highly recommends to add two-factor authentication to your account.
  • Mobile application.


KuCoin is a Hong Kong-based exchange that launched in May 2017 and has already gained popularity among traders. It is a third party exchange that allows you to buy, sell and trade various cyber currencies.

The main feature of KuCoin is its own cryptocurrency, KuCoin Shares (KCS).

KuCoin is very popular among new virtual coins that have gone through an ICO, which means that you can buy your coins while they are still in their early stages. You can access KuCoin through your desktop computer, as well as through the Kucoin app for Android and iOS.

This exchange is an excellent platform that guarantees a high degree of protection for your assets. Transactions are fast enough and withdrawals are almost instantaneous:

  • 200+ coins and 450+ trading pairs.
  • All deposits are free on the site, and there is a fixed fee for withdrawals; KuCoin offers a flat commission of 0.10%, which is less than the industry average.
  • Inner site crypto wallet.
  • A variety of payment methods supported by P2P fiat services.
  • The exchange offers you the option to set up two-factor authentication by Google Authenticator.
  • Mobile application .


Bitpanda is an Austrian company that specializes in buying and selling digital currencies. It strictly follows the principles of KYC - know your customer and anti-money laundering.

The exchange is fully in line with its motto: customer satisfaction is the top priority. The resource website is fast and works as a debugging mechanism.

The big advantage is that the service works with fiat and has a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options. The service offers a wide range of payment methods. Cryptocurrencies can be purchased here via Visa/MasterCard, payment systems and bank transfers.

CryptoService cares about the security of its clients. That's why it has implemented a two-factor authentication system and constantly monitors crypto-investor activity. And to prevent hackers from accessing cyber-currency, Bitpanda keeps funds in "cold storage", i.e. offline:

  • Bitcoin, Ethereum and 30+ digital assets.
  • The trading commission of the service depends on the type of currency and the nature of the transaction. When buying bitcoins, you pay 1.49%, when selling - 1.29%.
  • Commission for replenishment and withdrawal is fixed for each coin and is debited from the account.
  • Bitpanda crypto wallet.
  • You can make a deposit either by bank transfer, credit cards or electronic payment systems.
  • Bitpanda refers to systems that independently manage user wallet keys.Besides, the following security measures are offered: fund cold storage session control. Every login attempt from a new device requires two-factor authentication confirmation, authentication and validation via email.


Coinmama, founded in 2013, is owned by investment firm New Bit Ventures Ltd, which is legally registered in the state of Israel.

A trader with any level of education can work with Coinmama. There are not many sites on the market that are designed with novice traders in mind.

Coinmama is not an ordinary exchange. Since it can only buy currency, it can also be considered an exchange. The site does not have a built-in digital wallet. All purchased assets are transferred to the address provided by the user. This may be inconvenient for some users. This exchange is known for its three-tier verification. This shows that its creators care about the security of their users' capital and personal information:

  • The website sells Bitcoin, Ethereum. Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Qtum, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Cardano, Tezos and EOS.
  • The use of credit or debit cards implies a service charge of 5%.Besides, the charges 3.90% for buying coins and 0.9% for selling these.
  • No Wallet.
  • Credit/debit cards and bank transfers; It supports SEPA and SWIFT payments.
  • Coinmama is a reputable company with a secure site using Trust Guard and Comodo technologies. Both services have confirmed that 256-bit SSL encryption is actively used on pages containing personal. information
  • Mobile app.


Paxful allows you to exchange fiat money for digital assets peer-to-peer and earn money by connecting an automated payment service and getting referrals. Paxful was founded in 2014. Today, the site allows you 400 ways to exchange digital assets for fiat assets and works with almost all national currencies.

Paxful is a very powerful platform. If you are looking for a quick way to buy or sell bitcoin, this site is perfect.

The Paxful website has a user-friendly interface. Everything is very clear and understandable, which is especially important for people who are just starting out.

One of the features of this platform is that it offers its users the ability to sell gift certificates for BTC to various retailers, online auctions and stores. For example, retailers accept certificates for purchases at Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, and many others:

  • Bitcoin and Tether as assets.
  • Commissions are applied for crypto selling:0.5% for bank transfers; 1% for bank cards and e-payments; 3-5% for gift cards; No commission is charged for buying cybercurrencies; Paxful will charge a transfer fee for sending funds to an external wallet. $ 0 - $ 9.99 = 0.0001 BTC$ 10 - $ 19.99 = 0.0002 BTC;More than $ 20 = 0.0005 BTC.
  • The Paxful Wallet App makes it easy to store and manage coins with your mobile wallet.
  • More than 300 ways to buy coins, including bank transfer, credit and debit cards, PayPal, Western Union, and even Amazon, iTunes or Steam gift cards.
  • The security of the system is ensured by two-factor authentication, depositing and the obligatory verification procedure when working with large amounts.
  • Paxful Wallet for Android and iOS.


HitBTC has been around since 2013 and features a beautifully designed website, fast engine, multi-currency support, and the ability to trade multiple cryptocurrencies as well as tokens.

The site offers users over 500 currency pairs to trade. The ability to work with fiat money is available.

It is worth noting that it is a convenient and simple platform for trading digital currencies. During its existence, it has established itself as a reliable and secure exchange. The large selection of currency pairs, simple interface and low commissions make the platform a good choice for both beginners and experienced traders:

  • 800 currency pairs.
  • No commissions for deposits and a fixed commission for withdrawals depending on the coin; HitBTC uses a multi-level trading fee calculation system. The more a user trades, the lower his commission will be.
  • No crypto wallet.
  • The HitBTC exchange can be replenished exclusively with digital currency.
  • The platform provides 2-factor authentication, high-end encryption technology and cold storage of funds.
  • No application.

There are many exchanges, and the choice is a matter of individual choice.

However, the main criteria you should look at when choosing a trading platform are as follows:

  • Reputation.
  • Commissions.
  • The number of trading pairs.
  • Liquidity.
  • Payment options.
  • Requirements for user verification.

Based on the information summarized in this article, you will be able to make the right choice for you.