Digital coins have been a real sensation in the last few years. Their adoption has been so fast, and has had a huge impact on the modern world, which of course has caught the attention of all investors without exception.

The spread of cryptocurrencies around the world and the constant involvement of more and more people allows us to make confident predictions about the future of the electronic money system. There are now a huge number of both known and new coins on the market, and each offers its own opportunities and unique benefits.

Let's take a look at one of the promising cryptocurrencies of today - TRON(TRX).

What is TRON(TRX)?

TRON cryptocurrency was first talked about in 2017. Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun created a decentralized platform where some users could download their own entertainment content and others could use these products for free or for a fee. It was based on the idea of direct contact between the creators of games, social networks, messengers and other apps and users.

TRON(TRX) was originally created on the Ethereum blockchain, but the cryptocurrency switched to its own blockchain after the ICO was completed, in spring 2018.

This project is quite public and promoted, as all team members are well-known personalities, with many of them having work experience in large IT companies. TRON is being developed by Ripple Labs, among others. Like other cryptocurrencies, TRON has its own token, TRX.

The most important advantage of this project is the development of the entertainment content market, which has excellent prospects for the future. 

Tron website
Tron website

TRON cryptocurrency covers several areas at once and is simultaneously a video hosting, social network, streaming platform, gaming portal, payment platform and online publishing. 

The development of TRON cryptocurrency is subject to a strict 10-year timetable, which is nothing short of impressive.

The ultimate goal of the plan is to create an independent information space where every participant will have access to all content, be able to convert tokens and receive additional tokens, and thereby develop the project.

Although TRON is a fairly young project, it already boasts cooperation with well-known companies, such as South Korea's Samsung Corporation, which has added support for TRON cryptocurrency transactions to its Samsung Blockchain SDK.

With this support, TRON decentralized applications and tokens will grow at an accelerated pace and become available to a billion customers.

Information about the Tron cryptocurrency
Information about the Tron cryptocurrency

How to buy TRON(TRX)?

If you want to buy TRON in Somalia, the best way is to use an online trading platform. Here you will be able to open an account in minutes and start trading today!

A trading platform is a software which allows you to "be present" in the market and to execute trades. 

Platform to buy Tron
Platform to buy Tron

Moreover, the trading terminal allows using graphical tools to carry out technical analysis. Get the latest economic news and test trading strategies. Finally, with the help of the same terminal, you can invest and control your investments.

There are also mobile apps that are suitable for tablets, smartphones and allow you to trade anywhere you have internet access. 

With their help you can not only see the values of quotes for certain instruments, but also analyse charts, monitor your positions and actively make deals. As a rule, you can connect to trading or get access to your personal cabinet through a mobile device using the same data that is used when launching the trading platform on a desktop computer. 

Here are the main criteria you should pay attention to when choosing a terminal:

  • Speed and performance. You may encounter such problems as untimely downloading of quotes, freezing of charts or slow processing of orders.
    (Good terminals will not have such problems).
  • A user-friendly and simple interface - it is not very convenient to work with an application, when the arrangement of the main elements is poorly organized. This slows down the trading process and directly affects its result. The interface of the best terminals is characterized by flexible settings, allowing to arrange the windows in any order, and change their parameters depending on human preferences.
  • Functionality - everyone trades according to his/her own strategy and needs certain functionality to execute it. Somebody trades according to the news and needs constant access to online news. Somebody needs to implement one-click trading. Someone uses technical analysis and needs access to a set of indicators, etc.
  • Safety is also an important criterion, all trading operations must be confidential.
  • Technical support. On the best sites, such a service is available round the clock to solve all issues that may arise.

You have to choose an electronic platform for yourself, to make your trading comfortable, and you will be able to buy TRON easily. How fast you react to the market and open orders will depend on the terminal.  You must know that the main task of online trading platforms is to make the work of a trader easy, comfortable and profitable. 

Modern trading platforms are available in a mobile version
Modern trading platforms are available in a mobile version

You can also buy Tron cryptocurrency using the classic method by opening a cryptocurrency wallet on one of the trusted cryptocurrency exchanges. 

How to invest in TRON(TRX)?

Now that you know about TRON(TRX) cryptocurrency and are familiar with the features of the trading platforms, you can move on to investing. At first, it may seem complicated to you, but it really is not, because hundreds of thousands of people have been investing for several years now, and by the way, they are making good money at it.

So, in order to invest in TRON in Somalia, you need to choose a way to do so. 

There are different approaches to making money from investing in digital assets. We suggest getting to know the most popular options.

Long-term investing. 

In this case, you will be able to buy TRX for a period of more than one year. Working under this scheme implies earning on the growth of the asset over a long period of time. Digital assets rise steadily in value over the long term, and as a result, the benefits of investing are obvious. 

This type of activity involves little action and requires little time on the part of the owner of the capital, so it is suitable for both experienced investors and novices.

But it should be noted that long-term investing is only suitable for those who have substantial capital. If too little capital is invested, the returns will be insignificant.

Short-term investing.

It usually lasts up to 12 months, although it can vary. This option involves buying a cryptocurrency at one price and selling it at another. The lower the buy price of the asset and the higher the sell price, the more profitable the investment. Short-term investing is aimed at generating quick profits. 

The positive aspects are as follows:

  • Quick deposit and withdrawal of funds;
  • You do not have to wait long to make a profit;
  • Some methods require a small initial investment;
  • Funds are protected against inflation;
  • The investor's capital increases with the growth of quotes.

CFD trading is now popular on most trading platforms. CFD (Contract for Difference) is a type of financial derivative which acts as a contract between a trader and a broker. 

How to buy TRON?
How to buy TRON?

It requires minimal funds to trade this contract, much less if you trade directly with cryptocurrencies. This financial instrument is primarily used for speculative trading and allows you to profit from both appreciation and depreciation of the asset.

CFDs allow traders to play on fluctuations in the exchange rate without having to purchase the asset. It is this fact that has sparked a wave of interest in CFD trading, and many experts have stated that the ability to trade without actually owning cryptocurrencies is a definite advantage.

Crypto-CFD trading allows you to take advantage of all the margin trading opportunities. Leverage is a service that a broker provides to its clients. It is borrowed money and can be used to trade on the platform. The investor will be able to open positions with larger volumes, so if you make the right forecasts, you will be able to earn much more than if you trade with your own money only.

It is important to note that trading with leverage does involve some risks, so be aware of this and be aware of your options.

Don't forget about your investment portfolio, diversify your investments and invest most of your money in high capitalization coins and less in low capitalization coins.

Having several completely different types of coins in your portfolio, of which TRON should definitely be among them, will avoid losing much of your capital if one of the assets drops in value rapidly, but will also allow you to make good money when one of the currencies goes up.

How to start to invest in TRON(TRX)?

This is probably the most important question that new traders and investors have. In order to start trading TRX successfully and make your portfolio profitable, you need to have at least minimal knowledge about the digital asset market.

To make it clearer to you, we will give some basic guidelines that you can follow to invest in TRON in Somalia with confidence. 

  • Start by choosing an online platform for safe and convenient TRON trading and ask about the fees. The reliability of a marketplace is primarily determined by the volume of trading and the number of users.
  • You should only start cryptocurrency trading with free funds. Also, you should put knowledge into practice at the beginning with small amounts of money.
  •  Accumulate knowledge gradually. Do not get carried away with a lot of complex indicators and a bunch of trading strategies from the start. In the beginning you need to learn the basics of trading and risk management, a few chart patterns and the most popular indicators.
  • Pick a trading strategy that suits you or create one of your own. Whatever happens, don't deviate from your chosen plan - all your actions should be clearly planned.


Register on the online platform and take the opportunity to buy TRON today. It's a very simple and familiar procedure, similar to registering on social networks. By registering with the online terminal, you accept all of its terms and conditions. Therefore, please read them carefully. Under "Registration" you will be asked to fill in a special form where you have to give your e-mail address and password (make up a complex combination for better protection).

Be careful when you fill in the online form, because if mistakes are made or information is incorrect, the brokerage company may ask you for confirmation documents or other information when withdrawing the funds. 

Registration process to buy Tron
Registration process to buy Tron

Once your details have been submitted, wait for an email notification and then click on the link to activate your account. You will also need to go through a verification process. The verification of every client at a broker is a requirement of the regulators. Without going through this process, it is not possible to make your profit. To do so, you need to provide the broker with scanned copies of your documents, such as your passport. The purpose of such verification is to increase the protection of your funds and the security of your account.

Demo account

To start trading on an online exchange, besides theoretical knowledge, a beginner also needs practical experience. This is where a demo account comes in handy. Almost all trading platforms offer it as soon as you sign up, and it is important that it is absolutely free. A demo account is a simulation of real trading. The main difference from real trading, is that you will be trading with the virtual money, which is provided by the exchange. Deposit and withdrawal of funds is not possible. Thanks to the demo account, you will be able to learn all the steps of trading. You can follow the charts, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. 

Choose an account
Choose an account

Real account

If you have mastered the demo account, analysed the benefits of this experience and are ready to move on, the next step is to deposit and make your first real trades! To do this, make a deposit of the minimum amount or more (if you wish), which is set on the terminal. Immediately draw your attention to the fact that the minimum deposit amount is available to any participant and is a few dollars. The platform has several options for making a deposit, choose the one that suits you best. Often it is a debit / credit card and various e-wallet options. There can also be bank transfers. Once you have funded your account, you can, without any problem, buy TRX. Withdrawals can be made in the same way. You create an application form, pay for it, give your details to receive the funds. This may take some time, it all depends on the system you choose.

Deposit to buy Tron
Deposit to buy Tron

Security of investment in TRON(TRX)

TRON(TRX) has a good enough reputation in the cryptocurrency world that it is often chosen by professional investors. The company spends a lot of effort and money on project security.

The TRON blockchain network is secured using the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. The platform uses smart contracts in its operation, which guarantees the security of transactions.

The argument for TRON is the huge entertainment market, with hundreds of billions of dollars circulating. If the creators can implement their system and make it actually work, they could squeeze out industry giants such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Sony. In addition, the project has a clear development plan that the creators have thought about 10 years ahead, which inspires confidence in TRON(TRX).

Is it safe to invest in TRON online?

The good news is that the security system on professional platforms is built quite securely. All users need to perform checks every time they log in, trade or withdraw funds. If you sign up for an online exchange, use standard account security methods. 

Securing your account and funds is quite easy:

  • Use a strong password and change it regularly. 
  • Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA). 
  • Beware of phishing attacks and email and private message scams.
  • Avoid downloading software from unknown sources as it may contain malware.

So, by following these simple rules, you can invest in TRON safely. We wish you successful transactions!

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose