Digital currency has become an object of increased interest these days. Our life confidently includes such concepts as cryptocurrency, blockchain, smart contracts. More and more companies base their activities on investments in this currency, attracting tens of millions of dollars in a very short time.

There are great opportunities in a new sphere for humanity. Is it wise to invest your money in digital currency and build a stable and profitable business?

Today the topic of our review is the reliable currency of Ontology. Should you invest in it? Read about it below.

Ontology (ONT) Trading Platform
Ontology (ONT) Trading Platform

What is Ontology? 

Ontology is a blockchain-distributed network that combines verification, data exchange, data processing protocols and many additional modules. Ontology is the brainchild of Onchain, known for taking part in the development of the NEO cryptocurrency. In mid / late 2017, the company assembled the best team of specialists who worked in the existing NEO blockchain, or rather, completely changed the concept of it. This is how the digital currency Ontology was born.

The developers pursued the following goal: to create a kind of independent network that can unite the blockchain and the real economy (in fact, this goal is pursued by many specialists, since the main task today is the practical application of digital currency in the market). But the essence of Ontology is that the developers focused on trust management + identity when creating. Ontology is a layered network. Orientation is big business. What levels does the network include?

  • Lower level. This is where Ontology connects with other blockchains. Any company can launch its decentralized application on a different chain. The software will be managed through the Ontology network (this is where the partial merging of these applications takes place). The network works with the NEO machine (only on this lower level).
  • The middle level also received a second name - “ready-made protocols”. If you use this tool, any company can create their own decentralized application (even without having any experience).
  • Upper level. Here, of course, we are talking about blockchain specialists. Companies can also develop their own applications, but also customize the protocols.

In most cases, developers work at the middle level of the network - ready-made modules for work (templates) have already been developed here, so it is very easy to integrate.

Information about Ontology (ONT)
Information about Ontology (ONT)

How Ontology works? Ontology Modules 

  • Ontology ID (digital verification)
  • Ontology Common (digital identity)
  • Ontology Custom (development of business models)

These modules are templates: you can build any application even without blockchain experience! The main feature of Ontology is trust. Each user within the network will need to go through identification, which forms a "trust anchor" behind it. Next, "trust trees" are formed. The developers have conceived a pattern in which in the future there will be only "trees" within the network. This is how the level of trust can reach 100%. No one has yet managed to implement such a scheme. Technically, Ontology also has some differences. The main thing is the dBFT consensus protocol (this is one of the types of PoS protocols). Delegates support the operability in such a chain by voting.

The developers of the project have created such a format in which each member of the network can initially choose the algorithm of work.

So, in simple terms, we can say that Ontology represents a global blockchain in which other blockchains can be created and combined. ONT tokens have been created for the operation and maintenance of the network. Investors are very active in paying attention to these.

Realizing Ontology in Life 

Ontology's decentralized platform allows very different organizations to interact with each other. These can be industrial companies, educational institutions, trading partners, and firms from completely different industries. Thanks to the implementation of API + new protocols, any business owner can independently create their own decentralized application (any individual solutions can be integrated) using different types of blockchains: Ethereum, NEO, EOS, and so on. The main advantage is that any entrepreneur can transfer his business to the blockchain without outside specialists. We remind you that services for transferring real business to blockchain are very, very expensive. This is precisely the essence of Ontology: remove intermediaries who will have to pay money to integrate businesses into the blockchain. In fact, Ontology is a tool, instruction, the ability to integrate any type of business on the blockchain. And the main advantage of Ontology is trust. The social organization of people between each other is the main advantage of any system.

Ontology's missions are very simple: store, manage, and validate software data throughout its entire lifecycle. In addition, Ontology also implements copyright protection, which is very important.

Ontology (ONT) trading conditions
Ontology (ONT) trading conditions

What affects the price Ontology 

  • First, as is the case with any limited product, the ONT price is greatly influenced by supply and demand. The price of a coin rises when the demand for new tokens exceeds supply.
  • Second, ONT is influenced by media coverage. The more its skyrocketing price has been covered in the media, the more people are starting to invest.
  • Third, the coin is heavily influenced by market competition in the crypto market. Although ONT is a popular and reliable currency, new high-level cryptocurrencies are also starting to attract investors.

What are the advantages of Ontology 

  • Serious reputation of the company. OnChain has been a major player in the market since 2014. The company is known for the NEO project.
  • Very experienced blockchain development team.
  • The largest investors from the real economic sector.
  • Full business orientation.
  • The solution to the main problem is trust. What is missing in many blockchain networks.
How to Buy Ontology (ONT)?
How to Buy Ontology (ONT)?

Where to buy Ontology in Somalia

Comparing different types of cryptocurrencies, Ontologa didn't even have its own ICO. It was decided to organize an Airdrop. How? Each NEO cryptocurrency holder received tokens as follows: 1 NEO = 2ONT (coins were received exclusively by NEO holders).

ONT emission is 1 billion coins. Only 20 million tokens were distributed to holders. Separately, the developers noted that ONT coins were received only by the most active members of the network, which contributed to the active growth of the Ontology course instantly!

Many investors are interested in the question - where can I buy Ontology in Somalia?

You can buy ONT on the exchange. A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform for trading and exchanging one digital currency for another or for different world currencies. Among the popular exchanges are the following:

  • Binance
  • Exmo
  • LiveCoin
  • Bitfinex
  • CEX.IO
  • Cryptonit other

But when we talk about cryptocurrency, one cannot but pay attention to trading platforms. Buying currency on the marketplace is the most convenient way. You can use Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and buy ONT on the brokerage platform very easily! The trading platform provides a lot of useful information, articles, charts and indicators that you can use while trading. 

How to Register?
How to Register?

How to start investing in Ontology in Somalia? 

The popular ONT currency is attractive for traders who want to use it as an asset for investing and making a profit on the price difference. It's easy to become a trader! You can master this area from scratch and effectively earn and increase your capital in the future. On the trading platform, the broker offers quick registration so that you can complete the training and start comfortable trading on favorable terms.

CFD (Contract for Difference) is a type of financial derivative that acts as a contract between a trader and a broker. The trader, when concluding the contract, does not own the cryptocurrency, and the profit depends on the forecast of the rate change. If the trader's forecast turned out to be correct, then the profit will be equal to the sum of the change in the value of the asset. The loss is calculated in the same way.

By using CFDs, the trader gets the opportunity to use leverage. You can operate with amounts that significantly exceed their deposit, which allows you to significantly increase your profits. However, in case of failure when trading with leverage, losses increase.

CFDs have a number of advantages. All popular cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets. This is precisely the main feature of CFDs, which provide the trader with more flexibility and allow you to quickly enter and exit trades, set stop loss and develop your own hedging strategies.

How to Start Investing in Ontology (ONT)?
How to Start Investing in Ontology (ONT)?

Benefits of investing in Ontology on the marketplace:

  • round-the-clock access to the platform and the ability to make transactions 24/7
  • free education
  • modern technical support for efficient work
  • guarantee of the safety of client investments
  • selection of strategies that are characterized by efficiency

Should traders invest in Ontology in Somalia? 

ONT technology is truly progressive. Ontology is a decentralized platform, which is just the same must dispel all doubts due to the implemented level of trust. Everything has been done here in order not to violate the level of privacy of network users in the first place, so any business will consider all the technical properties and will definitely evaluate the technology. Therefore, Ontology's forecast is positive when it comes to whether it is worth investing in this technology at all.

How to Open an Account?
How to Open an Account?

How to Buy ONT right now?

Trading in digital currency has recently become more accessible for beginners, and the thirst for enrichment has taken possession of millions of people in all corners of the planet. The cryptocurrency market, and ONT in particular, is characterized by high volatility. Having understood all the intricacies of cryptocurrency trading, you can make good money. The main thing is to make the right decision and benefit from any situation in this market.

To start investing in Ontology easily, you need to choose a broker with a reliable platform. The main advantage of a good broker is that you can easily fund your deposit using a credit card, Paypal or bank transfer and trade.

Try it today! It's simple. We wish you a successful investment!

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose