Today, the use of cryptocurrency is very wide: it can be exchanged for dollars, euros or rubles, as a gift to relatives or friends by making a transfer. Virtual money is used to pay for purchases on the Internet.

The essence of cryptocurrency is that virtual money has no physical form. And to create them, you cannot do without powerful computer software and video cards. This is how bitcoin appeared - the world's first decentralized digital currency and payment system.

Facts about Neo
Facts about Neo

What is NEO?

NEO is a cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology, the information chain of data about the transactions being carried out is stored on different computers, they do not depend on each other.

The blockchain of NEO projects is one of the largest projects that uses secure cryptographic encryption to carry out transactions in the system, in which third parties do not participate. This currency has gained popularity due to the following advantages:

  • A limited number of mined coins per year - 15 million, this avoids inflation.
  • The lowest commission in the blockchain system.
  • The speed of information processing (1,000 t / s), thanks to the use of a smart contract system.
  • Microsoft, Alibaba, HyperLedger, LegalChain are the platform's investor partners. The cryptocurrency, thanks to this, has increased its user confidence rating.
  • The platform supports many programming languages.

The programmers who founded NEO want to establish close cooperation with the government of China  in the near future, this will allow them to get a large share of the PRC market after the legalization of the cryptocurrency.

The project was launched in 2017, but its development had begun 3 years earlier by a programmer from China, Da Hongfei, the head of Onchaine. Initially, this project was called Antshares and it was launched in the summer of 2014, and in 2015 we held an ICO. Antshares cryptocurrency, for some time circulated only in the domestic market of the PRC, but after the rebranding, the NEO currency entered the market of different countries of the world.

The Antshares platform has been actively developing and already in 2016 entered the TOP-10 in the Celestial Empire.

Neo website
Neo website

NEO features:

  • Digital Assets: Supports a variety of digital assets. Network members have the ability to buy, sell and exchange assets based on the platform.
  • Digital certificates - allow you to guarantee trust in projects by providing users' assets with legal protection. They are digitized using platform technologies. Assets registered in the system and digitally identified are protected by law.
  • Smart contracts. Multi-language smart contracts enable developers to use the most common programming languages ​​such as C #, Java, and Go.
  • Exchange of digital assets. A peer-to-peer network allows digital assets and cryptocurrencies to be exchanged directly between users without third-party intermediaries.
  • Virtual machine. NEO VM allows you to achieve high speed of application development.
  • Unlimited scalability. In theory, the deterministic technology at the heart of the NEO network removes the need for scaling. The functionality of NeoVM can be extended, for example, by implementing a JIT (real-time) mechanism. This helps to improve the efficiency of the network.
  • Internet communication protocol. NEO allows asset swaps and smart contracts to be executed across different chains. NeoX is a protocol that implements inter-chain compatibility. It is divided into two parts: "Cross-chain Asset Exchange Protocol" and "Internet Distributed Transaction Protocol". This allows multiple participants to exchange assets in different chains and ensure that all stages of the process are successful.

Where does NEO come from?

It is impossible to mine NEO cryptocurrency, so no commission is taken for transactions. To carry them out, the intra-system currency GAS is used. It is planned to be mined using a special Proof-of-stake algorithm and does not require mining. It is very difficult to accurately predict the future of NEO cryptocurrency, but its value will increase.

How does NEO work?

The NEO blockchain framework is an open source ecosystem. The authors of the project intend to develop it with the help of new tools, by developing training materials and conducting training events. The goal of the project is to achieve a "smart economy" with a distributed network.

NEO trading conditions
NEO trading conditions

What makes NEO unique?

NEO is powered by the dBFT algorithm, which provides fast transaction verification times, deactivates most attacks, and maintains a single version of the blockchain without the risk of forks or alternate blockchain entries, no matter how much processing power or coins the attackers have in their hands.

The NEO team has developed an "antiquantum" protection. This is a special NeoQS protocol that will protect the network from hacking using quantum computers.

Is it safe to invest in NEO online?

All transactions with the NEO cryptocurrency are checked by information blocks and thus identify the owner and the operation being carried out.

How to buy NEO?
How to buy NEO?

Where to buy NEO in Somalia?

It's easy to buy NEO in Somalia! Like other digital assets in the crypto world, you can buy NEO on an exchange and brokerage trading platform. Traders interested in buying NEO on an exchange can simply go to a crypto exchange and open a cryptocurrency wallet. We advise you to enter real data when registering so that in the future there will be no problems with withdrawing funds. As soon as the account becomes active, you will need to fund your wallet. Trading on an exchange is more complex and requires a deeper understanding of the nature of cryptocurrency.

Another way to buy NEO is through the online CFD trading platform. The inherent volatility of the crypto market may provide more opportunities for those looking to invest in NEO through CFDs or CFDs.

CFDs allow you to take advantage of price movements in both directions — both up and down — of a wide range of cryptocurrencies, without having to buy the underlying asset and without having to use an e-wallet!

How to start investing in NEO in Somalia?

The cryptocurrency market is becoming more and more attractive to a wide number of users, not only because digital currencies are the money of the future, but also because you can make good money here. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that exists only online and is based on the distributed ledger technology - blockchain.

It should be noted that investments in cryptocurrency, roughly speaking, do not exist. We are now talking about the classical understanding of investments, when investors receive dividends as a profit. In the case of selling a digital asset at a better price.

Investing in NEO means speculating on the difference in the price of a coin when buying and selling it.

The reputation of the digital currency is reaching new heights, and user confidence is also growing. This is facilitated by:

  • Expanding the scale of the use of cryptocurrency, including at the state level.
  • The investment market is being enriched by new players from China and India. Countries and private companies are beginning to look for non-political funds.
  • The largest online stores today accept bitcoin, which allows the currency to develop further at a rapid pace. The availability of digital currency is increasing through the installation of street financial machines for payments. The development of cryptocurrency is also associated with the use of new tools for storing money, the development of mining.

As experts predict, the cost of cryptocurrencies will grow. However, periods of "stagnation" are possible, when positions will not change, or a time of an uncritical fall.

In the long term, if you have a fairly large amount of money, investing in NEO in Somalia will definitely be a profitable enterprise, but even with a very modest amount of free money in the amount of 10-25 thousand rubles, you can correctly invest and earn additional funds. It is important to assess the risks and choose the right trading strategy.

The rate of cryptocurrencies is unstable, ups are replaced by downs, and in order to save and increase money, you need to adhere to certain patterns that sound like cryptocurrency trading strategies.


The essence of this cryptocurrency trading strategy is as follows: a trader enters into a large number of transactions for a short period, and then closes them after a few minutes (in some cases, seconds). The strategy is very simple, but it is not recommended to invest too large an amount in scalping for trading, as the crypt can collapse and thereby lead the trader to losses. It is best to do scalping on currencies of the second or even third tier, as they can grow by several percent in a few minutes, thus bringing very good profit in the short term.


The point is this: You buy NEO on one exchange at a low price and sell it on another crypto exchange at a higher price. A very simple and profitable strategy for trading cryptocurrency on the exchange, which only requires you to regularly monitor the exchange rates. But, when calculating the possible earnings, you need to take into account the commission charged by this or that exchange. If the difference in the rates of one currency on the exchanges is 2% or more, then it is profitable to sell it. If the exchange rate difference is less than 2%, then the profit will be minimal or not at all due to the commission.

Static arbitration

A type of cryptocurrency trading on an exchange similar to the previous strategy. It has a slightly more complex scheme, but is also designed for the short term. Technically, the strategy looks like this. First, one cryptocurrency (x) is exchanged for cryptocurrency (y) and withdrawn from the exchange. Then, on another exchange, virtual money (y) is exchanged for coins (x) and sold for fiat currency.

This cryptocurrency trading strategy is capable of generating tangible profits! But there are a number of limitations and features:

  • First, it is necessary to track the price difference on the exchanges, and if the value of currencies differs, conduct trading very quickly (literally, in a few minutes).
  • Secondly, you need to have a solid deposit (at least $ 1000), otherwise the profit from such trading will be simply scanty.
  • Third, statistical arbitrage will only be effective when the difference between the two currency pairs is 2% or more.
Platform to buy Neo
Platform to buy Neo

Formation of a crypto portfolio

A sophisticated cryptocurrency trading strategy, entirely based on an assessment of the analysis of the state of affairs in the cryptocurrency market. It is necessary not only to monitor the situation on the crypto market, currency capitalization and announcements of new ICOs. It is necessary to monitor the macroeconomic situation in the world and track news related to virtual money.

"Bought and hold" 

If the two previous strategies are effective in the short term, then this is, on the contrary, calculated for months (or years). The essence of this strategy is extremely simple. You just buy your chosen crypto and keep it in your wallet until it goes up in price obscenely. In order to comply with this strategy, it is necessary to carefully study the currency market and have nerves of steel. The fact is that any cryptocurrency in the long term gives a price adjustment, and this leads to rate drawdowns. At this time, there is a strong urge to get rid of the crypt and get your money back. 

The main advantage of all described strategies is high profitability and minimal riskiness.

Despite the fact that crypto trading is still very young, investing in NEO in Somalia is a profitable business and has clear prospects for further growth. The main thing is not to trade with the last money, not to play against the market and invest the entire deposit in one currency. Think over your NEO investing strategies and you will definitely get rich! Try it and you will definitely succeed!

Is NEO a good investment?

Experts studying the electronic currency market believe that the NEO cryptocurrency is a promising electronic currency. Investing in NEO is worth it, according to the rate dynamics, the value of the electronic currency will grow steadily.

Should traders invest in NEO?

Thanks to the efforts and professionalism of the developers, NEO has made progress. The management of Onechaine decided to cooperate with the state, the cryptocurrency introduced a platform for the implementation of "smart contracts" NEO-2.0. She is able to adapt even to the banking system of payments.

For 2018, NEO cryptocurrencies ranked 7th in the ranking of world electronic currencies!

How to start investing in NEO?
How to start investing in NEO?

How to buy NEO in Somalia right now?

To successfully start buying NEO in Somalia through CFDs, you need to choose an online trading platform that meets your wishes and needs from the comfort of your home. A cryptocurrency CFD is an agreement between a trader and a broker. At any time, a trader can close a position and return his contract to the broker.

If his prediction turned out to be correct, he will receive an appropriate reward. In case of an error, the same amount will be debited from his account. With the help of CFDs, traders can bet on both growth and decline. By investing in NEO through CFDs, the trader does not own the cryptocurrency itself. He only owns a contract, which indicates at what price he bought the coin.

Trading on the CFD platform has a number of distinct advantages that have significantly increased the popularity of this type of financial instrument over the past few years. Try it and you will definitely succeed!

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose