Most people think that investing in stocks has nothing to do with their lives. But the reality is that investing is a vital necessity for anyone thinking about their and their family's future. For a trader, investing means investing in assets in order to create, preserve and multiply personal capital.

Equity investments for beginners are a reality. You do not need to have a financial background or an IQ above 120 to be a successful earner. Basic knowledge of the stock market, logic and ability to control emotions is enough. When starting out as a private investor, you should have a basic understanding of the object of your future investments.

Stocks are bought and sold on specialized trading floors called exchanges. You do not need to leave your comfortable chair and go to a noisy, constantly moving stock exchange hall. A broker will do it for you.

Let's talk about invest in Adidas shares in Somalia, as this is useful information for anyone with an interest in the stock market. Most beginners think that only securities of companies specialising in gas and oil production are the best vehicles for generating high returns. In reality, this is far from the case. There is an enormous number of food industry stocks and a variety of popular franchises on the stock market, the value of which is steadily increasing from year to year. Such securities include Adidas shares, which are not only steadily increasing in value, but are also quite resilient to various types of political and economic crises. 

Adidas shares

Adidas takes its name from its founder Adi Dassler, who was involved in the manufacture of orthopaedic footwear. The company has developed rapidly, which has made Adidas one of the largest manufacturers of sportswear and footwear. In addition, the corporation in question is a regular sponsor of the world's biggest sporting events.

The use of quality sportswear and footwear, as well as equipment, always has a positive effect on performance in sport. And it is the quality of performance that has helped Adidas become so popular not only with athletes, but also with the general public.

Adidas works closely with promising young designers and allows them to launch collections under the brand. Currently, Adidas is a rather large sportswear franchise, which has about three thousand shops in different countries around the world. It is the popularity of the franchise in question that is the reason why Adidas shares have quietly survived various global crises and are constantly rising in value.

Invest in Adidas shares
Invest in Adidas shares

Features of Adidas stock

The firm was founded in 1949. Its headquarters are located in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Currently, more than 189 million securities of the company in question are in circulation, each with a face value of €1. 

Adidas is listed on the major European stock indices Euro Stoxx 50 and DAX 30 (GER30) and every year it sells around $650 million worth of products. Today, its securities are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange XETRA under the ticker ADS and its ISIN code is DE000A1EWWW0. 

Although the Adidas share price can both rise and fall in the short and long term under the influence of various factors, it is constantly increasing.

Factors affecting the Adidas share price

If you are interested in investing in Adidas stock in Somalia, then you should know that the key advantage of such securities is that they are resilient to crisis phenomena in the global economy. It should be noted that major global crises, such as the crisis in 2008, did have a negative impact on the stock price of Adidas, but these securities were able to overcome all the difficulties arising from the crisis phenomena and restore its position.

The reason for such resilience of the stock is that the company has relatively cheap production and makes its products from affordable materials, which has a positive impact on its cost of production. In addition, despite the crisis phenomena in the global economy, Adidas products are steadily popular among consumers from various countries around the world.

nformation about Adidas shares
nformation about Adidas shares

The main reasons that could cause a decline in Adidas share prices

Negative tax policy changes in major states for the company.

Scandals related to the manufacturing process of Adidas products. A scandal in the international press resulting from allegations that Adidas uses child labour in the manufacture of its products had a negative impact on the share price of the securities in question.

An unexpected change in the management of the corporation. 

Factors which cause an increase in the value of the Adidas stock

Collaboration with trendy young designers, which positively affects the aesthetic performance of the products.

The takeover of competing brands. A prime example of such a situation is the acquisition of the Reebok brand by the company in question.

The German concern has made a name for itself in the manufacture of sports shoes and clothing. Today Adidas is worth billions in capitalisation and investing in its stock is a sound investment. Try it and you will surely succeed!

How to invest in Adidas shares in Somalia? 

Today Adidas is one of the largest sportswear, footwear and equipment companies in the world. The company has just 2 factories - the majority of its products are manufactured by more than 100 partners, whose production facilities are mainly concentrated in Asia. The profitability of the company was over 14%. Every investor or trader has the opportunity to make money with the holding company's stocks. 

In order to start investing in Adidas shares, one has to study the experience of successful investors. Study practical tips from experts. Proper preparation before you start investing helps to avoid many mistakes.

Experts recommend keeping an income and expenditure budget, which makes it easy to identify financial habits, unnecessary impulsive spending and real ways to save. This will help you save extra money. These finances can go towards investments.

Choose stocks for investment
Choose stocks for investment

To start investing in Adidas shares in Somalia, it is best to start with a small investment. Do not use borrowed money to invest. Investments are risky and only uncommitted money can work in them. The capital invested should not be needed by the investor in the near future. You should aim to have more than one source of income.

Adidas has managed to significantly accelerate online sales after opening regular shops after the pandemic. By September 2020, around 95% of Adidas shops worldwide had reopened. Despite this, online sales grew by 51% in Q3 2020. 

Before buying Adidas shares, you should create a plan and also think about building an investment portfolio. The portfolio should consist of several instruments, with varying degrees of risk. In this way, the assets will balance each other out. The degree of risk corresponds to the investment style chosen by the investor.

Adidas shares in Somalia can be invested for the short and long term. This allows one to buy shares and then wait for the best moment to lock in profits. Short-term investments in Adidas shares make sense when there is reliable knowledge of their high liquidity, the ability to translate into a financial equivalent without delay. Short-term investments (speculative trading) allow the investor to profit from both rising and falling prices. But they require knowledge of technical analysis. 

If there is no desire or capability to follow the company and the stock market, it is possible to invest in Adidas shares in Somalia for the long term. In long-term investments, one needs an understanding of the investment area and the ability to wait. It is by patience that one can determine whether one is moving in the right direction or whether it is better to change one's strategy.

Two types of analysis are used to determine the growth prospects of Adidas stock

Technical analysis. This involves working exclusively with price charts and indicators. On the basis of how the share price has changed in the past and by identifying certain price patterns on the charts, they make forecasts about the further behaviour of their price. In its pure form, market analysis does not take into account anything but the price. It means that all information that could influence the price (open and insider information, which appeared long ago and recently) has already influenced it, being reflected on the price chart.

Fundamental analysis. It is based on a comparative assessment of various micro- and macro-economic indicators to determine their final impact on the prospects of the issuer of the analysed shares (and hence on their future price). It starts with an analysis of the general economic situation in the country and in the industry to which the company in question belongs. Next, the company issuing the shares itself is studied - an analysis of its performance over the past few reporting periods is carried out. You study the company's financial statements and reach a verdict on the advisability of investing in its securities.

Stock trading conditions
Stock trading conditions

In practice, when starting to invest in Adidas stock, it would not hurt to combine technical analysis with fundamental analysis, thus confirming the conclusions drawn from one of them.

The current trend in internet trading is to learn how to buy Adidas shares through online trading platforms. The internet is becoming a favourite place for traders, thanks to the favourable business environment and growing entrepreneurial opportunities. Trading is not a supernaturally difficult or unfathomable process, but it does require considerable time to analyse the information available, including financial statements, analysts' expectations, news background, development plans and the outlook. 

How to buy Adidas shares in Somalia? 

Anyone who is not even well versed in the stock market can start trading Adidas shares in Somalia. The important thing is that you educate yourself very well before you start, so that you know the specific terms and indicators that may benefit you or harm you if you ignore them.

To buy Adidas shares, choose the right broker and register on the online trading platform. You don't have to leave your home in order to do this. Everything happens online - register on the website, fund your account with VISA, MasterCard, etc. and start trading. Try it, and you will get it! 

Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

On the trading platform, you can see real-time quotes from different companies, including historical statistics for different time intervals. 

As soon as you open an account, set up a demo account right away. In terms of functionality a demo account is identical to a real one, the only difference being that any profits and losses are virtual. You do not need to make a real deposit to open a demo account, so there are no risks.

How to open account
How to open account

Once you are familiar with how the system works, you can move to a real trading account. With a real account you will have full access, round the clock, to all the services offered by the platform, which can be very varied and indeed useful, such as video lessons, news analysis, Adidas share prices and your trading history.

To start buying Adidas stocks in Somalia, you need to open a deposit according to your preferences and needs. You can use a leveraged trading account. Leverage is the ratio of the trader's or investor's capital to the leverage they get for trading on the stock exchange (1:100, 1:1000). But remember, this is a good financial tool for those who have already learned how to manage capital and have a low percentage of losing trades. In the hands of an inexperienced trader, this tool can lead to losses.

Proper preparation will be the key to a good start. Take control of your financial future now!

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose